Welcome to IAG youth ministries. Our purpose is to invest in the lives of youth and young adults to see lives changed, potential unlocked, hope released… empowerment… belonging… a purpose filled generation that will transform this city and this world for Christ. Our youth ministries aim to provide multiple forums focusing on Youth (11-18) and Young Adults (18-23). We ensure that our youths are involved in a wide network of activities from small group cells, social events, individual mentoring with a commitment to developing emerging leaders who have a heart to serve.

On a weekly basis, our young people are our worship leaders in our local churches and are trained to lead worship in our national and international conferences. Our churches also equip youth and young adults to do weekly discussion sessions, focus groups and social events. Additionally, every year our young people are brought from various locations to a centralised residential camp with world renown leaders training and equipping future ministers for the organisation.

The main aim for all the youth work that goes on at IAG is to disciple the youth to a point where they love Jesus as their Lord by the time they leave us. This aim drives us to equip the young people to know and love the Bible and see their relationship with Jesus affecting every area of their lives. We love to see new young people coming along to our different groups and make new friends. It’s great to see them come to know Jesus and what He has done for them and grow in their relationship with Him. If you are looking for a new experience as a young person, IAG Youth would like to hear from you.