Every organisation has a history and a history maker, IAG UK came into formation by the Holy Spirit led vision implanted into the visionary Rev. Binoy Abraham who was an ordained Assemblies of God minister working actively in different parts of India before he came to the UK in March 2006. It all begins as a small meeting with his wife Vincy and son Ivan Abraham in 2007 and then forward this organisation was stepping every stone towards the growth.

Before he arrived in the UK, God has given a deep vision for the development of the kingdom of God, a vision to plant, build and rebuild churches around UK & Europe. He faced immense oppositions and hurdles but was stern at the decision he had taken at the age of 18 when he stepped into the ministry that nothing would stop him from doing the ministry that the Lord Jesus gave his heart through the Holy Spirit.

He started off his first steps to build the organisation by hosting its First Annual Conference with a handful of around 180 people and then the organisation grew tremendously as the promise of God held tight on it.

IAG UK was founded as a collaborative effort between business leaders and ministry leaders to plant churches. It is an emerging movement of young leaders, both and men and women that centres around the question of what it looks like for Christ-followers to see transformation happen in their city. It always leads to the mobilization of Christ-followers in serving their city and the multiplication of churches. In ten short years, IAG UK has planted over 23 churches in the United Kingdom and helped facilitate other movements around the Middle east and Europe. In 2019 the organisation has vastly spread across the Globe through its Bible School, Training and Apostolic Church Planting. IAG UK currently has catalysts in around 12 UK cities and in 22 global cities with a goal to expand into over 50 global cities by 2025.