IAG Academy is an educational department of IAG UK & Europe which is in fellowship with British Assemblies of God. IAG Academy is founded on the Pentecostal and Charismatic tradition based in Wales, UK with established national office’s around the globe. Many students from different culture and back ground are being graduated every year though our academy. We are associated with and our degrees are awarded by world renowned Christian Institution, Global University, USA.


Our vision at IAG Academy is to train and develop Christian leaders to work in God’s mission field around the Globe while serving at their local church. We achieve this through our distance learning theological education. Students can learn and be trained at their home / church and at their own pace with a minimum cost.

Our vision is to play an important role as a leading Pentecostal and Charismatic College in Europe and all around the world in training, developing, nurturing and pursuing leaders in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. At IAG Academy, we will always take seriously the diverse world in which we live. From the view that accepts the Bible as God’s absolute rule for life. Our vision will continue.

  • To champion the cause of raising and training well equipped leaders and prepare our students to be effective, skilled individuals fitted for ministry in the modern world.
  • To emphasis life long learning, spiritual vitality and life skills ensuring that our graduates make a Christ- centered contribution to the communities in which they live and work.
  • To ensure that our students are trained and encouraged to serve Jesus Christ authentically whilst handling complexity and diversity effectively.
  • To pioneer the development of innovative training, scholarly understanding and accessible learning in order to prepare people to plant churches, enter cross-cultural ministry or the workplace in such a way as to build churches and communities that truly show the life changing power of Jesus Christ.